So Blessed

I've felt guilty lately, because things have been going so well, I feel like I am taking everything for granted. Yesterday I just got a feeling out of nowhere that I needed to see if some friends of ours that we lost touch with had a blog. So, Google Blog Searched. them. We haven't talked to them since Carson Morgan's first birthday, and he is now two and a half, and they were talking about having a second child, but we never heard anything else really. Cody then found out a couple months ago they had a little boy, and he had a birth defect, but he didn't know anything further. Yesterday, though, I tried to find them, because I just got this nagging feeling I needed to try to see how they were doing. I found their blog for Teagan, and WOW. While I was reading some of their blog entries, I was about to cry; to think that such a little baby is having to go through so much, but I am so amazed how strong he is, and what amazing parents Ryan and Brytten are. It really puts things into perspective.

It is so easy to just take for granted what you have when things are going great, and when things aren't quite as planned it seems like things are terrible. I guess Madie got a lucky break that I came to this realization yesterday, because today she did this:

On our white sofa--- while I'm trying to clean the rest of the house.

It is just a sofa, though, and hey-- it kinda is my own fault, because seriously who is dumb enough to buy a white sofa with a kid in the house. Most of it came out with my first try at cleaning it, and I am sure the rest will come out later tonight when I get the motivation to finish it.

So, for all my family and friends that read this blog (I don't have a huge following, but thanks to all my loyal readers!) I want to let you know what a blessing you are. Mommy, I can't wait to go to Texas in August and hang out- I have missed you since I quit Delta and haven't been able to go down there every month. Sue, Ryan, and Lilly, we are going to miss you all so much- but it is bittersweet, because we all know y'all moving to Wisconsin is such a great thing- you are going to DENTAL SCHOOL! Woohoo! Teagan, I found your blog yesterday just after your family updated it that you pulled through one of your big surgeries, so you are in our prayers that your recovery goes well, and if there is anything we can do, let us know- we don't need to let it be so much time this time.

Cody, I love you so much, and thank you for everything. You are such an amazing husband, and the best father. I am so blessed that I have you for better and for worse, forever!

And my sweet little Madison, I can only hope you know just a fraction how much we love you. You are my world, and I can't imagine what our life would be like if we were never blessed with you.

Just this past week, while we were driving up to Red Creek to look at the wildflowers and deer Cody mentioned that we should start saying a family prayer with Madison since she is getting older, and is starting to understand what we are saying. We are going to start our family prayer, but I also am making it a priority in my life as well to thank my Heavenly Father for such everything, even the lessons learned when things don't go as planned. I find myself too often only praying when I need help and guidance on something, and making excuses of being too busy or too tired from a fun day when things are going well.

The wildflowers were beautiful, and being in the mountains was so amazing, because everything is so green and fresh- the smells are amazing! I really do love living here in Utah (but I still have a piece of my heart in Texas).

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Suzi said...

Meg, we are really going to miss you guys! This move is very bitter sweat for us as well. Don't let Madie forget us and we will hopefully see you guys in December.