Summertime Fun!

It has taken a little while for it to sink in that it is summer for me, since I've been in school and it rained TONS in June, but now it is July, which is possibly my favorite month! We've already had a busy first couple weeks of July with going to the zoo on my birthday, and then for the 4th weekend we went up to Ponderosa and visited the Woolman's. Then just this weekend the entire Burns crew went down to Torrey, UT, where Cody and his family would go as kids. We had a blast playing in the sun and water all weekend, and can't wait to see what next weekend has in store.
Here are a few pictures of us up at Ponderosa

And the train at the zoo...

And, a little sneak peek of the fun pictures from Torrey, UT. I've got tons of pictures, so I will put up more later, but this is the waterfall that Cody and his family went to when he was a little boy. We had a blast spending Friday afternoon there!

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