Countdown to Halloween!

So, last year my mom set the bar pretty high for Madison's Halloween costume

and since I am a.) not half as talented as my mom and b.) barely keeping up with school and our house as it is, Grandma Smith has been contracted to produce Madison's Halloween costume, Part II. Right now we have enough trust in UPS to be transporting it up to Utah, and its ETA is Monday. But……… no, no, no! You don't get to find out what it is- I am actually going to attempt to keep it a secret (although I will let you know, I give into bribes very easily, and I'm not that good of a surprise keeper). Instead, I have decided to play a little game- each week hints will be given, and comments with your guesses are EXPECTED! (since right now the only people that post are Sue and Niki, but I hear more people saying they read our blog!) I will just assume your posted comment is confirming our relation or friendship (excluding my mom, because she already knows).

Week 1 Hint:

(and no, I will not abandon our friendship or disown you as a family member, but PLEASE comment, just to make me feel good!)


Stephanie said...

green...I'm thinking frog?? Can't wait to see the next hint.

Suzi said...

Is she going to be a fish or a mermaid?

Niki and Jess said...

Hmm, that green looks whitchy to me!

Tom & Megan said...

Looks like a sciencey green. I'm pretty sure I know you better than to put your daughter in a chromosome or something... right? :)