Grow up? Thats no fun!

Last night my friend Jill and I went out for a girls night. Cody stayed home with Madie and kept up with the BYU game for us, and we painted the town red. Well, actually just Fashion Place, but we had a good time anyways. We first went for some sushi at Teru, which we had some left over, so I called Cody and he told me to box it up and bring it home. That's all fine and dandy if I were on my way home, but it was only 7, so there was still mall time to do! I got home at about 10 after we closed the mall down and then went for some cheesecake, and Cody ate the sushi and hasn't been sick...yet! We had a blast shopping and imitating those funny little middle school girls that are literally right out of the Clueless movie. (only I don't think they were even born when that movie came out!) Express also presented us the opportunity for us to act like my 18 month old daughter and put all the jewelry on I possibly could. And of course for your viewing pleasure we ticked the staff of even more by posing for photos! The things I do for my dear blog readers.

Who wears this stuff seriously?!? The necklaces were made out of plastic beads and were like $70! CRAZY-- Or maybe I am just out of style!

I am bummed my arm looks like I am entering a body building contest. It was just such a lovely but heavy bracelet, I found no way to do it justice!

And when I got home, Madie was already asleep in her crib, but I tucked her in with her cozy Utes blanket. All in all it was a great night. Yay for gaudy jewelry, sushi, Cheesecake Factory, and GO UTES!

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Suzi said...

Congrats on the baby news! Madie will be a great big sister.