We are trying to get Madie to understand there is a baby in my tummy, but every time we point to my stomach and say "baby" she looks back at us, puts her finger in my bellybutton and says "ooooonk" (that is Madisonish for "honk"). Today I pointed at my tummy and said "baby" and she pointed back, and with her sweet little voice she said "baby." I thought she might be starting to understand (I know, quite a stretch for an 18 month old). She then put her eye up to my bellybutton like it was a telescope- oh, it was so cute! Well, for the 2 seconds it lasted- she then stuck her finger back in my bellybutton and went "OOOOOONK." All progress has been lost. Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

SCREAM!!!!!!!!! this is Julie so happy for you all I can do is scream!!!!!
Love ya