Woohoo for blogs!

So, Cody has been nagging me for some time now to blog about this, and since I just found out about the new features with Blogger Draft after I finished my blogging, I decided I will go ahead a post this. To start off, sorry mom. Before Cody and I met, I didn't have one ounce of tomboy in me. I was a total girly girl's girl. Never shot a gun, never been hunting, and never even had the desire! Well, that has gradually changed, and a few days ago I took the final plunge into officializing our marriage. I went duck hunting, I shot a duck

(actually some ducks), and I had a fun time. As evidence that I had a good time (besides the fact that Cody and I are still together after the experience) I have been ordered by the hubby to also post pictures of me in my duck hunting glory. Enjoy, and if you ever need a guide, you now know who to call!


Niki and Jess said...

You go girl! I never had the desire to wake up before the butt crack of dawn, freeze my tush off in the frozen tundra, or shoot a gun! Now if you will just ride MX we can go out and play! P.S. is the black lab in your picture Sarah?

Cody, Meg, and Madie said...

It is Sarah- she was a champ that morning b/c it was rainy and cold, and she ran her fat little butt off! I tried the MX thing- I have boots and a helmet, but I got pregnant right after the first time I went out, and with Madie right now it is too hard. If Cody ever got back into I might give it a second go, but he doesn't even ride his bike anymore.