Tag, I'm it!

My friend Sam tagged me, and believe it or not, I love to do tags. So, here we go- sorry if I'm too boring!
1~ The Office! Did yall watch last Thursday's episode?! It was too funny
2~ AFV I love watching this Sunday evening. I love to laugh at people doing funny things!
3~ Curious George Such a cute little monkey, such a peaceful 30 minutes as a mommy.
4~ Kath & Kim It is new, but between the funny storyline and hilarious outfits, it is becoming a fun adition to my Thursday nights.
{are yall starting to notice we don't have cable, and believe it or not, we don't watch a lot of TV?}
5~ Football Any game, any day, it is fun to catch a game once in a while on the weekend and just be lazy with Cody
6~ Sci Fi Friday!!! Well, it is a movie, but it is on TV every Friday night at 9 p.m. on UEN, and if you live in Utah you should seriously check it out!
7~ Corner Gas It's like the Canadian Seinfeld but it's in a tiny town instead of a big city.
8~ Reno 911 Oh man, a little trashy, I must admit, but too fun to miss!

1~ Went to the nicest Wal-Mart I've ever been to! It is so clean and the people are so nice!
2~ Did a few loads of laundry.
3~ Journeyed down to Cabela's to pick up Madies snow suit and look at the "fishy."
4~ Had a yummy meal but horrible service at Wingers.
5~ Shared a frosty with Cody.
6~ Took a super long nap.
7~ Cleaned up juice that spilt all over the kitchen.
8~ Played with my hair, trying out new ways to style it. I just got it cut Thursday night, and I love to fix it now!

1~ Friday (I know, it isn't even Monday).
2~ Easton (my little nephew) coming!
3~ Thanksgiving- oh I love the Holiday Season!
4~ Black Friday- I think Madie and I are going to try and hit up some good sales.
5~ Fall semester to be over- I want a break!
6~ Christmas! Woohoo, we get to see Lilly, Suzi and Ryan, then go down to Texas and visit my Mom!
7~ Finding out what we are having! (Hopefully ONE happy healthy baby.)
8~ June 26! (or a couple weeks earlier)

1~ Teru, even though I can't eat sushi now.
2~ Britton's- they have the best breakfast!
3~ Red Robin LOVE their fries!
4~ Iggy's- so fun to hang out, eat and watch a game!
5~ Cracker Barrel- yummy southern food!
6~ Cheesecake Factory, not as much for their food, but for their dessert!
7~ laMadeleine- they have them in TX, and we always go with my mom when we visit.
8~ Razzoo's- yummy Cajun fried shrimp and crawdaddys.

1~ To be able to use the name Weston.
2~ We can move to the east side soon (I hate driving so much).
3~ A trip to Mexico- soon!
4~ To be done with school- the end is in sight!
5~ Snow only on the weekends all winter!
6~ Finding a good job in spring.
7~ For people to buy lots and lots of homes from Cody!
8~ A couple million dollars wouldn't suck!

1~ Suzi
2~ Niki
3~ Julie
4~ Nicole
5~ Sarah and Douglas
6~ Megan and Tommy
7~ Jenny
8~ and anyone else that actually reads this blog!

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