I'm no expert, but I don't think this is normal.....

It has not stopped snowing since we've gotten home from Texas, and while we were in Texas we missed out on some lovely snow storms as well. We were welcomed home to Utah with almost a blizzard awaiting us in Price, UT and it kept snowing all the way home. Daybreak greeted us with the usual un-plowed streets and our yard shared its lovely foot of snow with my shoes, socks, and the bottom 12 inches of my jeans I was wearing. Now, I am not expert when it comes to snow- I am a Texan, and where I come from the city shuts down when there are snow flurries, but it just doesn't seem like normal to have temperatures regularly in the evening of 10 degrees or lower! I can thoroughly say I am freezing my *BUTT* off! I think this might be a sign of either another ice age or of me being a genuinely whinny wimp!

On another note, it might also just be a sign of the apocalypse. Not only is it snowing more then I knew possible (sorry for sounding like a MAJOR WIMP to those of you in Alaska and other gosh awful freezinger places than Utah) BUT I am also very proud today to announce the completion of the Burns family laundry heap! You read that right, I am going to go fix me a cake and have a piece of it because I deserve it. I can honestly say I don't have a dirty piece of clothing in this house right now (MAJOR accomplishment for this little homemaker). Of course Madie is asleep right this moment, so this glory will last only till the end of her nap.

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Jensens said...

Glad you got home safely. We hope your holidays were fantastic.

Snow, snow, snow. That's how it goes here in Utah. I would rather have snow than inversion (which as been pretty sparce here, knock on wood).

My laundry baskets are NEVER empty. Well...I can't say never, but as soon as they are, and I mean as SOON as they are, there's something else in there quicker than I can say "Thank heaven that's done." Ha.ha.ha.