Updated baby update

Last night Cody and I were getting ready to go to bed, but our little one had other plans. He started kicking like crazy, which was really fun because it was the first time either of us were really able to feel the baby kick, and we BOTH could feel it. While I was pregnant with Madie she was quite the kicker- sometimes it would even keep us up at night with her kicking so hard, and I think this one is already off to a very good start as well. Feeling the little baby kick is really making things feel real for us.


Jensens said...

Ohhh..that's the best part of being pregnant. I noticed you said "he." Is that your feeling? Ha.ha.

Meg B said...

Well, honestly the "he" was a mistake- I tried so hard to make the post gender neutral, but a little HE would be fabulous. Of course a little SHE would be great too. We just have to wait and see- we still have several weeks till our ultrasound.

Niki and Jess said...

That is so great! I can't wait to feel that kick for the first time! I have a dr appt next week and although I am not due for the official ultrasound for another 5 weeks I am going to have Jess do an ultrasound at 16 and a half weeks to see if we can determine the sex. Let us know when you find out! A boy would be perfect for you, eh?