The bright-side of night-time

I've been at ARUP about 2 months now, and am now completely done with training and just got off my first week "on" and our family is adjusting surprisingly well. When I first told Cody that I planned on working the graveyard shift he thought I was crazy, and when I continued to tell others my schedule of working 70 hours a week, they too thought I was crazy. The perks to this, however, are weeks like this, where I have the entire week off. I have also found some other advantages to working vampire hours:

*Traffic... NONE! When I drive home, I get to wave to all the poor suckers stuck on I-15 going north, while I'm headed home sweet home in SOUTH Jordan.
*Snow... well, it still sucks, but I don't have to drive TO work in it- only home.
*Shift differential... let me explain this one. I get paid about $1.50 an hour average more because I work at night and don't have to pay a babysitter. I'll totally take that extra money to do the same work, and also be able to go to sleep.
*Daylight... I don't have to sleep in the dark, which I am kinda afraid of (the only thing is, I'm becoming afraid of the dark BECAUSE I never go to bed when it is dark).
*Insurance... I'm not sure if yall have gotten the hint, but our family having insurance is a huge thing for me. Until I got married I thought nothing of health insurance. Then we had to pay for it out of pocket, and let me just tell you there are a lot more fun things you can spend $350 a month on. Luckily we've never had a major health incident without insurance, but that is one lottery I'm not up for playing. And granted we would have the same insurance if I worked days, but then when would I sleep if I worked during the day?!
*Time... Well, now that we have less of it in our hectic life it almost seems as if we have more! Our family has become a well oiled machine this last week I have been working my 70 hours, and I'm impressed. Cody has gotten Madie into a routine that flows great, and we treasure our moments together a lot more. We also don't waste our time sitting around the house- this will be quite the disappointment to my 2 blog fans, as I now don't have as much time to sit on the computer and write about our every family activity.
*I have a job... At a time like this in an economy that is struggling, any job is a great job. The best part is, I love my job, I get great benefits, and the company I work for is fabulous. We are very grateful as a family that ARUP is doing so well with so many other businesses struggling, and we all have come together to make this work.
*6 more weeks... That is the number of weeks I have to actually work before this little guy gets here. When I look at it that way it makes the pregnancy seem like it is even closer, so that is nice.

I can't say that I will always want to work graveyard shifts the rest of my life (the 7 on 7 off, however is really nice) but for now it works great for me, and it is working great for us. Cody is doing a great job of taking over the household the days I do work, and he is doing such a great job I wonder if he even needs me to do anything around the house (joking babe!). School is coming to an end (I pretty much just have one group project left to do, but I can't stand one of the girls in my group so I've put off dealing with it for a while) and summer is still nowhere to be found. We spent spring break in Texas with lovely spring weather, so that was a nice little vay-cay for Madie and me. I will try to get some pictures of our Texas trip up in the next couple of days, but I think I might be all blogged out for the day.


Jensens said...

I'm so glad everything is working out great, and you are happy!

Niki and Jess said...

I am glad the job is working out! Are you super screwed up on your off days though? It seems just as you got used to one sleeping schedule you then switch.