2am.... seriously?!?

When I was pregnant with Madison I would get up at 5:30 every single morning it seemed... even mornings when I had no reason to. It sucked, because we wouldn't go to bed early, so I would always be tired in the middle of the day and would end up taking a nap. I thought 5:30 was bad at the time {enter my poor little guy that has NO IDEA what a normal sleep schedule is}. This little guy has been quite the trooper. Most of my pregnancy I've been working the night shift with a 7on/7off schedule. So for a little baby that has no clue what is going on, to have as messed up of a sleep schedule as him mommy has, he is actually doing quite well....BUT.... it seems like every night when I am off work, at about 2 or 2:30am I randomly wake up, and to no fail there is my little guy in my tummy getting his groove on. We usually will have a few hours we sit in the living room and surf the internet, check my email and facebook OCD style, watch TV, update the blog. This morning we even made a new blog background. I can't complain about it too much- after all I am the one that eats lunch at 2 am when we are working. He probably is just getting a little curious about where lunch is. Plus, I have a healthy little guy that just likes to dance in my tummy, and I've got an understanding hubby and Madie that let me take a nap when I need it. And anyways, its only 4 more weeks, 2 of which I will be working and already awake! In the mean time I will just enjoy my dancing guy, and our little Mommy~Baby time we have together. After all, when these 4 weeks are up I'm going to have to start sharing my little guy with Daddy.

But maybe we could at least bump up our Mommy~Baby time to 5:30? There seriously is NOTHING to do at 2am!

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Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

No secret drink yet, huh!