Daddy's big catch!

Lately we have had a bit of insomnia here in the Burns household, which has led to some interesting and sometimes very tired days. Madie and the Little Guy are already working together to make sure I don't get a full night sleep for the next few years, and my theory is "if mama don't sleep, dada don't sleep." So every morning at some random early hour I get woken up to the sweet calls of "Maaaaaaamaaa, mama, sippy. I want a sippy." Not to be outdone, though, the Little Guy- like clockwork- will first get the hiccups, then start his morning stretches. So, happy little fatty me waddles back to bed, still half asleep- lays down, only to realize I can't breathe worth crap, so the next thirty minutes are spent me sniffling because I am too lazy/cold to get up and get a tissue. Finally I think Cody feels bad for me and gets me a tissue, and we spend the rest of the morning awake--- FUN! Not much to do at some of the random hours such as 2:30 a.m. Thursday we improvised, though. We had thought about doing a little fishing trip and talked about it the night before- but we were going to get up at a regular hour and just do a little something. But, 2:30 rolled around, our morning routine was set into motion, and by around 4 a.m. we were bored snottless. We both kinda looked at each other and decided we'd go up to Strawberry. It was well worth it, though. Not only was the fishing awesome, but we had a great time. Madie is a natural born fishergirl, and Cody caught some AMAZING fish- which Madie even helped reel a few in! I took some video of here reeling in one of the big fish, but I have to edit it first- so that will be to follow in a later post. But, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand words.


Suzi said...

Great fish!!! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

Jenny said...

Such a cute post! And Meg, I wish we lived closer b/c I have been having some insomnia myself. And Caydon is breaking his molars, so not a good combo. I would have loved to go fishing with ya'll at 4 am! ha ha. Miss you guys!