Coiwn-tacs, coiwn-tacs...

I can't believe how all the sudden Madie is so into imaginative play! Today she was pulling "things" *insert: absolutely nothing* out of the camera case and giving them to me, then taking them away from me and putting them back in the case. She then pulled out Cody's parents' two labs "Sarah and Allie" *insert again: absolutely nothing* and gave them to me, and I thought I would play with her, and eat them. Oooops, that didn't go over too well. After I told her "mmmmm, yummy" she got quite devastated, almost started crying, and kept repeating "oh NO." Luckily I hadn't swallowed them yet, and was able to spit them out into her hand to save the day.
Later on she came up to me with one of her purses after I told her we need to get ready, and she started pulling out "lips" and "eyes," then she noticed I still had my glasses on, so she pulled out "coiwn-tacs."
Well, I have to go right now, Madie is over at the "kitchen" *aka: our living room end table* mixing me up a batch of "candy" to eat for lunch. 
This girl may be quite imaginative, but I have to say she has EXCELLENT taste in lunch cuisine!

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