Tinker , Snow White, and Duh-wella!

If anyone would know their Princesses, I'm willing to put money on Princess Madison. So, Disney on Ice Princess Classics was a MUST. And who better to go to a Princess show with than those who introduced Madie to the entire Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell adventure! (Plus, I am pretty sure Madie likes Miss Kattie and her two Princesses better than me.)We started the show off with Madie's favorite Green Fairy, Tinkerbell!The Three Princesses of the night. Too cute!Our group picture. We tried to get a picture of the props- they were amazing. There were several different princesses castles- I'll take any of them!Madie would cover her mouth every time there was the villain. It was soooo cute! You can kinda see Madie's hair too- Kattie did it in little ringlets with a fiber optic hairpiece wrapped around it- it was really cute. Duh-wella!

Cody was worried Madie would look silly being the only girl dressed up as a Princess. As I told Cody, lets just say there would have been an epic tantrum if Madie WASN'T dressed up as a Princess, since every other little girl was dressed up.

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Jensens said...

How fun! Little girls need their princess time!