Would you like some cookie with that?

This last Friday night we hosted the first annual Burns Family Cookie Party. (It was a good time, so I think it needs to be the first of many to come!) Thanks everyone for coming- you all made it a BLAST! And those that weren't able to make it this year, hopefully next year we'll see you in all your cookie decorating glory! As usual, I didn't get any pictures at the event, but I got one morning after picture of Madie's mound of icing, sprinkles, and believe it or not, there is a cookie or two under it all! Thanks again everyone for making it such a fun time, and also a HUGE thanks to Grandma who shipped the cookies from Texas with Love, and Grandpa for snagging a folding table and some chairs from the primary room even though "do not remove from the primary room" was written all over it! Yall are the best!


Niki and Jess said...

There would have been more sprinkles on that plate if I had not been chowing down on them!
If Abby were not so fussy we could have gotten a cute picture of her and Cash in their blue and pink Bumbos. I am bummed we didn't!

Meg B said...

We will for sure get a picture with them in their bumbos- we'll have to do it soon, though- because they are growing up! Cash just turned 6 months yesterday, and I cannot believe it! After the holidays we will do Cocolitos- in fact- we can do it anytime the week of the 5th.