Somehow time must have fast-forwarded, or something, because this morning I found myself wishing my {baby} Happy 2nd Birthday. Even though I keep saying he has to stay my little snuggle partner, I'm finding everyday my little snuggle partner is still just as cuddly as ever, but not staying so little.
For every selfish reason in the world, I want this little boy to stay my baby for forever, but because I love him so much, I am so excited for him to grow up. He celebrated his Birthday on Father's Day today, which made me think all day that someday my little Cash will become a father, and I can only hope he is blessed with a little boy as wonderful as Cody and I have been.
Happy Birthday, our amazing little boy. You continue to make your Mommy and Daddy so proud that our cheeks hurt from always grinning ear to ear, and your Big Sister Madison could not have dreamed of such a great little brother (well, except for hitting her with your new bat). 
P.S. We {well me, Meg} are a little busy right now just trying to survive this summer while I finish up school, but I will try really hard to update the blog a little more often.


Jensens said...

Wow! 2 already? Time flies! Cute cute pics!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute! And looks like a mini Cody. Happy Birthday Cash!