First Post

Welcome to our blog! Hopefully with two busy parents and an active toddler there will still be time left in our day to keep 'yall updated with the Burns family.

Well, since the purpose of this blog is to keep everyone posted, here we go!

Madie just stated "school" up at the University of Utah. She is going to the ASUU Child Care on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays a few hours a day for the summer. She is loving going to school with mommy, and getting to play with all the kiddies. Right now I am trying to teach her to say mommy, but she just responds by either saying "daddy," "hi," or my favorite "nooooooooo."

Cody recently moved over to a new brokerage. He is now working for Keller Williams Real Estate, which is keeping him busy setting up an entire new business.

I just recently went back to school at the University of Utah for elementary education. This summer I am taking 3 classes each term, which is keeping me busy, but I am enjoying it. It is really nice to be able to bring Madie to school with me so I can spend more time with her during the day.

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