So today after school Madie and I went to Costco to buy diapers and some other little things we needed around the house. I should have known this shopping trip was no good from the beginning, when the parking lot was PACKED! But, we needed diapers, and a nice hot churro sounded delish, so we braved the zoo. Once we were done, we got back to our car, and I was loading all our bulk goodies into the car when I hear the lady parked next to me honking.... and honking. I finally turn around to look and see what she was honking at, and to my surprise, my baby and basket are NOT where they were supposed to be, but instead my basket was hauling butt across the driveway with Madie buckled in. Talk about a heart attack! Anyways, I did catch the basket, with Miss Oblivious Madie sitting in it laughing, just before it rammed into a Suburban. So, all is now well in the Burns household, and on our way home from Costco we stopped by Best Buy to look at cameras. I finally decided on a camera, so I just ordered it online. Hopefully it will get here soon so I can start taking some pictures and posting them.

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Jenny said...

This story is HILARIOUS! Ha ha...I'm so glad that Madie wasn't hurt! We've been doing good, just having fun in the sun! I'm so happy it finally warmed up here. If you ever come down to Provo give me a call!