Yay for our new camera!

Well, we finally got our new camera, so I feel like summer can begin now, and I won't miss those picture perfect moments any longer! Our old camera got stolen right after we had Madison (jerks! At least it was really old with a bad battery, so whoever stole it didn't get any enjoyment out of it really either) and my mom has been so sweet to let us borrow her camera, but it drove me CRAZY! It used 2AA batteries instead of a rechargeable battery, and I got the rechargeable camera AA batteries, but they just didn't cut it. Every single time I went to take a random cute picture of Madie, the red light would flash, and the camera would turn on only long enough to turn back off. So, finally we just did it, and bought a new camera, and it is awesome! We got the Nikon Coolpix camera (the one that has the stupid commercials with Ashton Kutcher, but I won't hold that too much against the camera) and it is awesome. Of course we haven't had really any "must have" picture moments, so I just decided to take a random picture of Madie eating her favorite lunch- Lunchable JR's and mandarin oranges.

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