Two of the best baby snacks.........EVER!

Today our highchair was out of commission because we cleaned the carpets yesterday, and moved all the living room furniture into the dining area, blocking in the highchair behind two couches and an ottoman. So for breakfast we had a picnic on our newly cleaned carpets. Crazy as it may sound, it worked just fine with no messes, thanks to a well balanced breakfast of Baby Mum-mums and yogurt melts. These two foods have become Madie and my favorite snacks, and we have even introduced Cousin Lilly and Aunt Suzi to the joys of Mum-mums. The first time we got a box of Mum-mums was when Madie was about 4 months old, and we were in Texas visiting Grandma Smith. We went to Central Market (the most amazing grocery store ever to exist!) and found them with the baby foods. At first Madie didn't really eat them, because she was still a little too young, but about a month later our love affair began. We plowed through the first box within a couple of weeks, and didn't know where to find them in Utah, so Grandma Smith shipped a couple more boxes up to us in Utah, then we found them on Amazon and bought them in bulk to split with Lilly, and used those up super fast. They now have them in Utah at some Wal-Marts, and more places now seem to be carrying them. I feel they are a must have, because they can entertain in the car, stroller, highchair, or anywhere, and they are not messy. Another favorite of ours is Gerber’s yogurt melts. They really taste like yogurt, and they are so fun for Madie, because she gets to reach her hand in the bag and get them on her own.

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Suzi said...

Thanks for introducing the mum mum to us. Lilly has loved them! Cute blog by the way. I am glad you are blogging, it will be easier to stay caught up on the wonderful things Madie does after we move to Milwaukee.