Welcome Home From Class.............

So, last night I had my Chicano Experiences class till 7:30p.m. so I was late getting home, but Cody was amazing, and already had a wonderful dinner of steamed artichokes and elk steaks with blue cheese just about done (he is wonderful)! Oh, and not to mention, he had Madison happy and content while doing all this. Well, anyways, so, I pull into our alleyway, and just a I approach our driveway, I notice a tan police'ish looking car, going the wrong way pulling into our ally. I didn't think much of it, because I was tired, so I went and checked our mail and brought our garbage and recycling cans in, right by this mystery car. When I walk in, Cody asks me about the car, and if it followed me into the alley, and well, I guess it kinda did. Cody then proceeds to tell me he had a white police'ish looking car circling the block a couple of times while he was walking Madie home in the wagon from a play date over at the Morgan's. So, us being super calm and sneaky, we make every excuse to go out in our back yard to spy on the now determined police car (it lost it's police'ish title when we saw two men sitting in the front totally staking out something). Then we notice the car pulling closer and closer to our driveway, and then stop right behind our house! WHAT?! We didn't do anything wrong, why are we being staked out? The police/detectives then got out of the car, ran through our yard towards the front yard, so we look out the kitchen window to see 2 more police cars out front with officers getting out of those cars. To make me feel super safe and comfortable, they are running down the sidewalk with bullet proof vests on and guns and ammo strapped to their legs, totally swat team style. So, to make a long story short, our neighbor 2 doors down was carried away in handcuffs, and that now leaves us to wonder what was going on. You don't feel so safe in your "Home Sweet Home" after seeing something like that go down. They seemed like good neighbors, they kept their house and lawn nice, but we never see them out, so who knows what is going on inside. But, it was a fun little adventure to see everything go down- I don't know the justice system that well, but from what I've seen on Cops, it isn't some little misdemeanor when 5 cops in bullet proof vests arrest your!

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