While I am thinking of it...

Just thought I would give yall a couple of updates, because, well, right now I am in class, and my instructor can't figure out how to work the projector.

Madie's toe has gotten even worse, but she hasn't lost her nail yet. We all kind of think she will, but it is still hanging on! Someone asked me if I painted her toe, but ewe, who would paint their toes "bruise blue," and who only would paint one big toe nail-- oh wait! I had one pink toe nail for a couple weeks earlier this summer when I tried a nail polish I ended up not liking, but didn't have polish remover.

Second super important update that I know was going to keep all of yall up tonight worrying about--- the ink "artistic expressions" Miss Madison left on the sofa earlier today came completely out. Microfiber is a wonder!

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