August already?!?!

Whoa, I can't believe summer is already coming to an end, and it feels like it just began! Well, in a way, it did just begin for us because I just finished my summer classes up and I have almost all of August off. We have so much planned for this month, though, it seems like it is already over. On August 7th we are leaving for Texas to see Grandma, and when we get back we are heading down to St. George with Aunt Amber to spend a girls weekend while the boys are out hunting. So, since I haven't put any posts up lately (cut me some slack, I've been busy with finals) I'll just put up everything in this post.

So, Madie has developed this thing about not wearing shirts. She has learned how to take her shirts (and unfortunately diapers, too) off, so I will discover a random naked baby at times. Here she is caught in the act.

And I finally know without a doubt she is my child- Madie LOVES BBQ!

And a group shot, all of us in our glorious gluttony! Pat's Pig in Your Face BBQ is *Almost* as good as anything you can get in Texas!

I didn't realize when we brought Madie home from the hospital, we were actually raising a little monkey. We have a wild child on our hands- she has started climbing on ANYTHING! Here she is getting up on the kitchen table, but she somewhat got caged in because we pushed the chairs in. That used to deter her, but not anymore, now she pulls the chairs out to then climb.

This is just too cute to not post! Madie is actually keeping her sunglasses on now days, and hats too! I've taught her well! Cody told me when I put her in this outfit that it is his new favorite Madie outfit.

And last but not least, we a getting our practice in for Fall semester. With gas prices (gas in Utah is still over $4/gallon) Madie and I are riding TRAX to the U in Fall. We did a little practice run on Friday to go turn in my last final. It was an adventure. I got a lecture from a weird guy at Gallivan Plaza about having my child out in the heat, and I felt like telling him "Well, if you don't like me having my child in the sun, get the train here faster!"

Here Madie is pointing out all the interesting things along the ride! (Those of you familiar with TRAX know that I just lied, so I'm sorry. There really isn't anything interesting- well, that I want to teach my one year old about. We will save the ghettos and homeless people lecture for when she is two!)

All in all, summer has been great, and it is shaping up to just get even better. We still have some splash pooling to do as well, so if anyone wants to join, we have a few guest passes left!


Suzi said...

Cute pics of Madie. She looks so grown up. Is it possible that she has changed that much in a week. Good luck with school this fall!

Suzi said...

Alright Meg I am going through withdrawals I need new pictures of Madie.