Cody's Deer!

This one is for you babe! Sorry I didn't get it posted last night like I promised, but hopefully you are understanding.
Well, while Madie and I have been away playing at Grandma's and in St. George, Cody was busy going out and finding food to provide for our family! Cody and K.C. went hunting for a week, and on opening day Cody shot this beauty.

I loved the fact that Cody got it on the first day, because he was then able to come back on Monday and surprise Madie and me at the airport to pick us up from our fun Texas trip. Here are a couple more pics of our new family Bambi.


Suzi said...

That is a beauty! Thanks for sharing.

Niki and Jess said...

Yee haw, let the hunting season begin! I must say that is a nice deer. Good job Cody!