Sweet & Sassy and totally adorable!

Since I haven't had time to put up a big post of everything we did in Texas (we did a lot of fun things, and now I am really busy with school) I thought I would just start posting about specific things we did while down in there.
One of the first days we were there we went and got Miss Madison a haircut at Sweet & Sassy in Southlake Town Square. It was so cute to watch Madie be totally pampered. Her stylist gave her a sparkle pop that she sucked on the entire time she was getting her hair cut. And somehow this pampering thing just comes natural to her

And here is a picture of our final product, which also became somewhat of an unintentional self-portrait as well. I apologize for Mannie and me being in the picture as well, but the best picture was one I took from the mirror.

And the final result strutting her stuff on the catwalk!

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Suzi said...

What a doll!