Eye, nose, mouhh

We decided it would be good to start teaching Madie different body parts (getting her ready for the "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song!) So we started with the eyes, nose, and mouth because she is always pointing at our faces anyways. At first we would just ask her where is your mouth, your eyes, and nose? But she started mimicking us saying it as well, so now she runs around the house unprovoked just saying "eyeeee, noooooooooooooooose, mouhh!) pointing at her face. It is really cute (well, I AM a little biased, though) but I think it might be time to start with ears, chin, maybe some others. The other night she even got to come into bed with us (she wasn't sleeping well that night... entirely different story) and instead of sleeping she started telling Cody where his eyes, nose and mouth were. Needless to say, it is hard to not laugh at 3 a.m. when Madie keeps saying mouhh! mouhh! while we are trying to sleep. Sorry if this is a lame post for some, but I figure I'll make it a lame post sandwich, with two OK posts on either end! And I even throw in a cute picture of Madie going to town on a Cookie Monster cupcake while we were in Texas visiting Grandma.

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Suzi said...

No post is a lame post. I am just glad that your posting again. I am getting pretty lonely and seeing pictures of you guys helps.