Round and round we go!

While we were in Texas we went to a carnival in Keller, and the only things Madie could do were pick a rubber duckie from the river to win a prize and ride the carousel. Well, we did BOTH, and Madie won a penguin stuffed animal and found a passion for Merry Go Rounds.

At the end of our visit we went to Stonebriar, and they had a Merry Go Round there. At first I didn't think Madie was interested in it since we had sat by it the entire time we had lunch and she didn't really pay any attention to it. When we walked by it, though, she let us know she HAD to ride the carousel. She was laughing the entire time and waved at Grandma each time we passed.


Suzi said...

So cute! We will have to make a trip to the mall when I come home for Christmas so the girls can ride the carousel together.

Sam said...

oh how cute!!!!!! she is getting big!