Meg or Megan….hmmm?

I've noticed lately that I have been going more and more by Meg, rather than Megan. I'm not sure why and honestly I'm not sure which one I like better. Opinions? I think this will be my first poll EVER on my blog. Be responsible with your voting, yall, you could change my life forever! (Well, maybe not, but I'm trying to make this sound as important as "decision 2008").


Niki and Jess said...

At least your nickname doesn't sound like a boys...I went from Niki to Nik!

Suzi said...

I think you have been going by Meg more because that is what Cody always calls you. Have you noticed?

Tom & Megan said...

I have found the same thing happening to me! More and more people are calling me "Meg". I don't think its a bad thing.... But I don't know if I will ever introduce myself as Meg. I have been debating this for years.