WooHoo Utes!

This past Saturday we took Madison to her first (and last for quite a while) Utah football game. In all fairness, Madie did quite well, it was just that the seats were really small, and she wasn't feeling the "lap time" she had to do. After half time we went over to the student section and met up with our friends and watched the third quarter before leaving to hike all the way across campus to our parking spot. It was an awesome game- Utah killed Weber, and it was so awesome to see everyone in red. Hopefully we can get a couple more games in this season, although we have already decided to not even try to get tickets to the BYU game. Both teams are just playing too well this season, and I don't think Cody could honestly handle the stress of that game because it is going to be a tough one for Utah to win (they will win, I'm sure, but it will be well won battle)!
Madie in her little Utah hoodie. What you can't see is the layer of sticky melted cotton candy on her hands because she made friends with the couple sitting next to us, and they let her just help herself to their cotton candy- I've to to say they were nicer than I would have been- nobody, not even Madison, would come between me and my cotton candy!!! (j/k)

Our friends Douglas and Sarah came to the game with us- they have an awesome babysitter! We ended up with 2 extra tickets just a couple hours before the game, so we called them at 4pm on a Saturday evening and they met us up at the stadium with minutes to spare!

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Suzi said...

How fun! I love football games. Madie looks cute in her Utah hoodie!