Vegas winnings!

Well, not quite so. I actually LOST all of the high roller money I put into the slot machines at 11pm while deciding to where to get something to eat--- I will miss you Mr. $4.00 now having a wonderful life in the penny slot machine (what can I say, I am CHEAP). But, Cody and I did venture deep into the desert this weekend, and found ourselves in good ole' Las Vegas with 95 degree weather. We went down there with our friend Douglas to go to a wedding, and we made a fun little weekend trip out of it. Unfortunately, I have realized that without Madison, I don't have the maternal instinct to take pictures of everything. So while Mommy and Daddy were in Vegas not taking pictures of anything, Madie was at Grandma and Grandpa Burns' house, and Uncle K.C. was taking tons of pictures for our blog............... Unfortunately (that word is never good) again, those pictures got deleted. So, the good news is we all had a blast this weekend--- but you will just have to trust us on this since we have no documented evidence. We did have a moment where we busted out the camera at the Silverton Casino while we were playing trailer bowling (yes, we bowled in a trailer) but we only got a couple of pictures because you aren't supposed to take pictures in a casino so we had to put the camera up before security got all secure on us! Enjoy exhibit A and exhibit B of our case claiming we had a blast this weekend!

And thank you Grandma and Grandpa Burns and Uncle K.C. and Aunt Amber for taking great care of our little Miss Madison so we could have a little vacation. We really appreciate you all making it possible for us to sneak away for the weekend. And also a special thanks to Uncle K.C. for being such a good body guard for our little Princess at Chick-Fil-A--- those playground bullies are such little........BULLIES!

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