The last of our TX adventure

Well, I have tried to post everything about our Texas trip, but since it has been more than a month overdue, I have to admit that I have forgotten about what I have posted, and also what we actually did it TX-- time flies when you're having fun! Before we post the pictures of our trip to the Fort Worth Zoo and the fun play lounge we went to at DFW airport, I guess a little family update is overdue as well. Madie has been sick this weekend- Cody and I went to the demolition derby last night and left Miss Madison with a babysitter for the first time in such a long time, and of course go figure last night is the night Madie gets sick. Cody picked her up at about 10pm and she was sacked out, and then she woke up SCREAMING at about 1am, and it was on from there (if you want details about what she had, feel free to email me, but just imagine two things you do NOT want to wake up to at 1am, and she had both). The rest of the night, and most of the day today things have been rough, but this evening she is starting to really do better, so I think we are on the mend. I have a practicum at an elementary school tomorrow morning, but I think I am going to keep her with me just in case, and reschedule for a time when Madie is feeling a little better for daycare.
My family down in Houston made it through Ike alright- both my Aunt's house in Houston and my Uncle's house in Conroe are without electricity, so hopefully all of that will get fixed soon, but neither suffered any serious damage or flooding. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.
Every Thursday at the U they have a little farmers market that get bigger each week with better looking peaches each week, but I always forget to bring cash. So this last Thursday I was finally prepared! I put cash in my wallet that Saturday in preparation for the yummy fruits and veggies. Madie and I stopped by and mingled on our way to class this past Thursday and came back with peaches, raspberries, corn, a few grape tomatoes for lunch that day, pears and nectarines. It has been fabulous having such fresh juicy fruit. Our family has gotten addicted to peaches & cream- yummy!

(sorry Cody, I had to post it! Cody told me when I took this picture that I could NOT post it on our blog because every time I post a picture of Madie eating on here she is super messy. Madie is actually 99% of the time a very clean eater, and I am not trying to embarrass her, but this picture is just too cute! Heck, the peaches & cream were so yummy that I would have dug in like this as well if it weren't for the fact that this is totally socially unacceptable for a 24 year old!)

And now for the Texas pictures.........

Madie and Grandma at the petting zoo in the Fort Worth Zoo

Madie had fun playing with the kids in the play area of the zoo. She booked it up to this little loft area that was only accessible to little kids- it was not as fun getting her down when it was time to leave!

And pushing around her shovel- she is practicing for shoveling the snow this winter!

Jazz hands on the alligator!

We got to the airport super early (I know airlines are NOT flexible if you miss your flight, so we did not want to take a single chance!) and luckily there was a fun play area for Madison.

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