I was born in Texas, and lived most of my life in Texas. No matter how long I live in Utah, I will always be a Texan- it is something you are born with. My beloved Texas is about to take a little bit of a beating this weekend (no, not the Texas Longhorns!). Houston was where I was born, and I have family and friends still in Houston and the surrounding area in the projected path. This weekend I ask you to keep everyone that is in the path of Mr. Ike in your prayers as I will. Ideally this whole thing would just end up in that huge particle collider in Switzerland and just disappear into the black hole it is supposed to create, but it won't. Ike is going to hit, and the only thing we can pray for is everyone's safety and the least amount of damage possible.

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Niki and Jess said...

I am sorry to hear you have loved ones in Houston. I hope everyone is safe. We will keep them in our prayers!