In the kitchen with Madison

Last Sunday Madie and Grandma Burns put on a little cooking presentation for us. Madie showed us how to make delicious cookies, and Grandma showed us she has a lot more patience in the kitchen than I do! It produced a lot of yummy cookies and some very cute pictures.
Mixing the cookie dough... Madie was very good at stirring.
Rolling was a little more difficult of a concept to grasp. Madie kept wanting to roll with her hands in the middle of the rolling pin.
And cutting out the shapes was very complicated. We ate a lot of gingerbread men without arms, legs, heads, or all of the above.

The END!

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Suzi said...

Thanks for the pictures. It is great to see Madie and my mom having fun in the kitchen. Just a few more weeks and Lilly and Madie can cook together. We miss you guys so much!!!!