Baby Hungry!

We are a little baby hungry around the Burns household lately. This is mainly because we just had the most adorable little nephew born on Monday. Easton Cody Burns was born November 17 at about 7pm. Oh boy, we have been waiting for this little guy, and let me tell you- he was worth the wait! Congrats K.C. and Amber!

My prediction was 4ish pm. Yeah, I was off by a little bit!

Mommy and Daddy during their last hours of freedom and no responsibilities. I don't think Amber remembers that much of this. She shouldn't- that's how you know it is good labor- you can't feel a thing.

That is where the baby goes!

Come on Easton! Lets have a birthday soon! Waiting is never fun, especially when there is a cute little newborn at the end of the wait.

Sweet, sweet baby! Watch out for that Uncle Cody, he already has your first hunting trip planned, I think!

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Jensens said...

Congrats! Babies are always so much fun. How are you feeling? BTW, Yeah UTES!!!!