Oh, it is so close!

I absolutely love Christmas lights! When I lived in Texas every year my Mom, Grandma, and I would drive around and look at lights. It became a family tradition, and we got to know which neighborhoods were always lit up. When we lived in Corpus there was even a house that was notorious in the city for having TONS of lights, and the traffic to get there and see the lights was crazy! Well, since I've lived in Utah we haven't been very good at admiring all the hard work put into getting up their lights. Last year we didn't even go down to Temple Square and look at the lights- total slackers! This year it is going to change, though. We walked down to our friends' house last night, and some of our neighbors already have their lights up, and Madie LOVED them. She is trying to learn to say "lights" so I think she deserves a trip down to Temple Square and around the city to look at lights. And, we are spending Christmas in Texas, so I'm going to talk Cody and my Mom into doing a Ft. Worth lights tour as well. Hey, it will almost make up for the years I have missed!

Oh, just seeing pictures gets me so excited! I can't wait.

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Jensens said...

I'm getting excited, too. I love the whole holiday season.