November 4!

Not only is today election day (we both voted this evening and it only took like 30 minutes) but today is also a very special day for Cody and me. It was 3 years ago (although it seems longer, sometimes MUCH longer) today that we went on our first date! Cody and I, and Sue and Ryan went to an ice hockey game.
I thought that on this momentous day I would share a little funny from our first date to let yall know the charming sweet talkings of my hubby. Since it was our first date we of course didn't have all the fun things to talk about that we do now, so I was trying to make small talk. It was cold that night, and even once we got inside it was freezing in the building. I mentioned "it is really cold in here" to which my date (which I had only met a few minutes prior) responds "I think I know why, see that big ring down there? It just happens to be full of ice!" Oh what a charmer!
Three years later I'm still loving the sarcastic whitty remarks, and love Cody more and more each day!


Jensens said...

Awwww...how sweet!

Suzi said...

I remember that date. I am glad things worked out!!!!