I love to stalk other blog and get kinda bummed when there are no new updates! It is fun to know the happenings of yall's fun lives. Well, not to point any fingers, but I had started noticing some of yall have not been updating too much lately (I'm assuming there is so much fun stuff that people aren't having time!) and then I realized I haven't updated in over a week. Although I love my Cody, and like to remember our wonderful first date on Nov. 4th, as a blogger I still have an obligation to make it sound like our life is just one fun event after another and to put tons of pictures of my little Madie up here.

So........ since I feel bad that I'm stalking everyone's blogs and getting bummed when there is nothing new to greet me, I figure I will update my own blog if anyone cares that much.

But......... I am truly starting to feel the pregnancy sleepys (a little late this time- I thought I might sneak by and not get them) so all I have been doing lately is what I absolutely have to. Madie and I are going to school, coming home and visiting with Cody, and then going to sleep at 9 (no, I am not joking, I went to bed at 8:55 last night). I did get my hair cut a couple weeks ago- but I don't have a great picture. This picture is of this past weekend when we went out to the duck club to drop off some stuff, and I was playing with our camera. Sorry, the lighting is horrible, because I had the sun blasting into my side of the truck. And, since it is my obligation as a blogger to post pic of my Madie, I also included one I took of her in the back seat. Notice the camo carseat- we are HARD CORE!

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Jensens said...

Camo?... Camo? The poor girl has no chance. ha.ha.ha. Like your haircut! Pregnancy sleepy is the worst. I remember falling asleep trying to watch the news every night. Other than that, are you feeling good?