Back to school!

Today was Madie and my first day back to school from the holiday break, and Madie was SOOOOO excited. Last night I told Madie she needed to go to sleep early and get rested up because she had school tomorrow, then showed her that I had packed up her backpack. She got so anxious that she did not want to go to sleep at all. I remember that feeling of anxiousness the night before my first day of school. This morning I got up and got ready, then went in and woke her up and she was ready to go. She couldn't get dressed fast enough and sat down for breakfast while I packed her lunch. Madie had to check through her lunch to make sure it all looked good, and then we were ready to go. While we were walking out the house to finally go to school Madie grabbed her backpack and lunchbox out of my hands and put her backpack on and carried her lunch to the car. It was so cute. When we finally got to school she ran into her class and starting playing immediately- I had to beg her for a goodbye hug! We had a great holiday break, but even I have to admit it is nice to get back into the groove of things, and hopefully now Madie won't be getting so much cabin fever. The only bad thing about today is that I didn't get ANY pictures of her all dressed up and ready for school, but I have some pictures of her on her first day of school this past Fall semester that I never got around to posting, so here you go!

Today she was a lot more excited than last semester. And today she was also a lot BIGGER than she was last semester!

But she carried the same backpack and lunchbox to the same school with the same teachers she has grown very close to.

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Jensens said...

That is so cute. It's nice when they like school.