Flashback to the early 2000's!

Now that it is 2009 and the 00's are almost over I am starting to realize that 2002 is actually a little bit of a flashback now! So to celebrate all of us getting one year older this year and being even one more year less cool to all the little teenie boppers, I bring you old pictures of your favorite subject. Thats right, ME! And, by the way, if for some reason you are crazy enough to not realize I am your favorite subject, either humor me while you read this post, or just stop reading from this point, and wait till I bless the blogo-sphere with a new post of how cute my daughter is. So, I just transferred over all my photos from my iMac to my laptop the other day, and it really was fun to see so many of my old pictures. A lot of the pictures I had on my iMac were of me before I packed up and moved to Utah and started a family here, and then there was also the standard issue 20 pictures a day I took of Madison when she was a newborn. It was a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane- yall should do it and share it on your blog, but no pressure all 2 readers of my blog!
This is a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Watson in their house in Corpus Christi, TX. I didn't grow up in a huge family, but we were all pretty close. We spent a lot of fun holidays in their house before they moved up to Ft. Worth in 2003.
This is a picture of my mom randomly riding a horse statue in front of a Mexican food restaurant in Houston, TX. Using this picture is sort of random, but it is actually one of the only pictures I have on my mom on my computer. She is horrible about having her picture taken. If yall beg enough I might eventually post the pictures of the rest of us riding the horse and me taking a "siesta" with the statue guy wearing a poncho and sombrero.
Here is a picture of me and a couple of my sorority sisters while I was in college (the first time). I think I was either 18 or 19 in this picture. Sad thing is, I still seem to dress the same and I don't think I look any older now- only I am always dragging around a little 2 year old (well, almost 2 years).
This is our little Mandy not long before she passed away. Loosing Mandy was hard because she was the first thing I was very close to to pass away.
Mannie when he was a puppy. At first he didn't get the whole "being spoiled" thing, but I worked on it and he became pretty spoiled (Cody may call it something else) and then he moved in with my mom and she put my spoiling skills to shame. He is such a spoiled little guy now! He gets a new chew bone every night at bedtime!
One of our first pictures as the Burns family of two. This is me and Cody on our honeymoon in Mexico.

This is one of our first family pictures as the Burns family of three. I was a little out of it, but that is what missing an entire night of sleep and giving birth tends to do to women.

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Suzi said...

What a fun look back. Think soon you will be a family of four!