21 weeks, new job, and Madie's cute face

The blog hasn't been updated lately, honestly because we haven't had much happen lately. Madie's cousin Lilly is in town for a week, so we will have stuff to post soon, but I don't have pictures of them playing yet. There are things going on in our life, just none that really deserve their own post with graphics included (OK, maybe Madie's cute face deserves its own blog post, but she is sleeping, so I don't have pictures of it right now).
I just looked at our creepy floating baby ticker and it shows I am 21 weeks along today. WOW! Is it just me, or is time FLYING by?! When we were pregnant with Madison it seemed like a week of pregnancy was eternity! Our little boy is going to be here before we know it. And, with him coming comes something else I am very eagerly awaiting- SUMMER! I have just about had it with this cold weather.
Another Burns family development is me going back to work! Last semester I decided that to finish my classes by this fall to start my student teaching would be just a little too much to do. It is really hard to explain to Madie that I can't drop all my school work and play with her all day, so I decided to spread everything out by one more year. Going along with that decision was for me to start working and hopefully bring in some extra MOO-lah and the big one HEALTH INSURANCE! Right now we pay about $350 a month in individual insurance, and it doesn't have maternity coverage (well, it does, but that is after a $7500 deductible is met, which is not an option since I haven't seen $7500 floating around our house lately!). So.......... I am officially a working woman! I started this past week at ARUP Laboratories, and I am loving it so far. It is such a great company, and the money and benefits don't suck.
And, for those of you who followed our drama in the ER last week and were wondering how Miss Madison's cheek is doing- much better. The stitches were not such a fly idea with her- she busted them by Friday night- but it is healing well. We went to Dr. Clayton's yesterday and he said it is healing quite well, and the scaring (if any) shouldn't be too bad.
So, for those of you who read to the very end of this post looking for a shred of interesting information and are still waiting to find that tidbit of info, I apologize. This marks the end of this post, and for now I've got nothing more to share.

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Jensens said...

Congrats on your new job. Health benefits (especially maternity benefits) are worth it. What are you doing for ARUP?