Ahhhh, here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!

This March means something BIG is coming! (not our little boy, no, not QUITE time for him) March 30 marks the day Cody and I will embark on a journey sometimes so lovingly referred to as the TERRIBLE TWO'S! That's right, Madie- this little Madie, is going to be the big girl that a two year old is! Many say the terrible two's are a myth, yet many claim to have seen them. Some claim to have seen them, but they've seen them at the three's or four's instead. I myself am a non-believer. How can this sweet little girl have the word "terrible" put even in the same sentence, unless of course referring to the terribly awesome fun we have with her each and every moment!
disclaimer: I will continue to be a non-believer of the terrible two's until someone has photographic evidence. And for the record, my Madison may not ALWAYS be the most perfectly well behaved, but she sure likes her picture taken, so good luck!

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Niki and Jess said...

WOW, if it turns out Madie does have a case of the "terrible two's" good luck with that and a new baby! But for your sake, keep on non-believing :)