Yesterday we snuck behind most people's backs and went to the doctor to get an ultrasound without anyone knowing. That all backfired, as you can see what else we ended up doing yesterday from the previous post. But, while Madie was busy giving us our first parental experience at the ER we were finding out that the little guy growing in my belly and giving us a kick show regularly is actually just that, A LITTLE GUY! Neither of our children have been too shy about showing us THE SHOT in the ultrasound. Madie at least held out till the very end before she stuck her little butt up in the camera, but this little guy was waiting for his moment to shine in the very first image we saw of our baby. Needless to say, we are VERY EXCITED as Cody did the touchdown dance once it sunk in. Cody even asked the lady doing the ultrasound if she was sure it was a boy to which she replied "if that is a girl it is a very funny looking girl." So, at the end of the day we were able to reflect upon a very busy day, and all of our blessings. We have a healthy little boy that is half way brewed, and a healthy little girl that is not messing with her stitches. Not to mention this could very well be the last time I have to get back into shape after having a baby!
And as the lady doing our ultrasound said "it isn't everyday they just give you a shot like this."
Here is his little profile. His head is on the left and his little legs are curled up onto his belly.

His little baby feet


Tom & Megan said...

Wow. He seriously isn't shy is he!? Congrats! Have you thought of any names?

Jensens said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations, that is very exciting news.

Maeve said...

congratulations!! how fun to have a girl and a boy!! we are so excited for you!!!