We {HEART} Primary Children's Hospital

We started this morning out knowing it was going to be an eventful day (more on that to come later- Cody gets first dibs on that news) but we had no IDEA just HOW eventful it was going to be. Madie had her first boo-boo today, so we loaded her up (actually Daddy and Grandpa loaded her up) and headed to Primary Children's Hospital to meet me up there and get stitches on her cheek. Our tough little girl got 7 stitches, and hardly cried or shed a tear. Now it is official, Cody, Madie and I all have our fireplace battle wounds! It must be a family thing... Madie did so good keeping her bandage on- they put it on once she got there and it had some numbing medicine to make her feel better.

While we were in the waiting room they had a police car toy Madie absolutely LOVED! At first it was almost embarrassing because she wasn't acting sick at all, and we were sitting in the ER.

Once the doctors got in and checked out the battle scar they said it needed stitches, and they said it would be best at her age to sedate her. Here is Daddy and Madie waiting for them to come in and give her some medicine to sedate her. You can kind of see the cut on her left cheek- sorry for those of you who can handle the yucky stuff, I didn't get any close ups of the blood and guts.

And our little girl right before they stitched her up. She is so grown up!

And this concludes our first visit to the hospital or ER as parents. Primary Children's Hospital was so outstanding- all of the staff was amazing. Hopefully we won't have to use them anytime soon, but it is great to know we have something so great so near.

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Jensens said...

Primary's is definitly the place to go with any kid owies. Glad she handled it well. The ER is no fun!