Happy Easterween!

Madie and I did one last HURRAH a few weeks ago while she could still travel for free, making a trip half the expense of getting there as it is now. We headed down to Texas for Spring Break to visit Grandma Smith, and we had a blast while down there. I didn't get too many pictures (one I wish I would have gotten but didn't have the heart to was her crying in Rainforest Cafe every time the apes went, well "ape"). It was a long week of celebrating and early Easter, early 2nd Birthday, and just having fun in the sunny Texas weather. When we got home it was snowing in Utah- {insert sarcastic voice} fuuuuuuuuunnnnn!
  • A few of the highlights included lunch at Central Market on the patio with the awesome playground
  • Madie going on an Easter egg hunt in Grandma's back yard in a Halloween T-shirt

  • Throwing money in the fountains, and then throwing even more money in even more fountains
  • Traumatizing Madie by taking her to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate her Birthday, only to be traumatized by all the animated animals around her
  • Getting my very own Swiss Pastry Shop Black Forest Cake, and also finishing my very own Swiss Pastry Shop Black Forest Cake
  • Passing by the ice cream shop at South Lake Town Square and telling my mom Madie didn't need any ice cream, just to be met by the pitiful face of Madie looking at all the other kids' ice cream cones in envy (Madie got ice cream)

  • Going to Pei Wei several times, and having the best behaved kid at a restaurant each one of those times
  • Strawberry milk and Disney movies at bedtime with Grandma
  • "MAH-nie" or as most of yall know him as: Mannie
  • Bubble baths, bubble baths, and more bubble baths
  • Shopping for the little guy, shopping for Madie, shopping for me, and then finding a HUGE baby sale at Old Navy, so more shopping for the little guy
  • Not having to do laundry or housework for an entire week
  • Heck, add to that not having to do schoolwork or workwork for an entire week

It was a fun filled week, and we were sad to leave, but we also really missed Daddy at home, so it was nice to get back home, and back to reality of housework, laundry, schoolwork and workwork. This vacation was really the first trip that Madie really realized she was leaving people behind. When we got to Texas the first couple of days she kept going around the house calling "DaaaaDeeeee" looking for Cody in all the rooms. She also got very upset while we were eating at LaMadeline's one day and my mom got up to get something and went out of Madie's sight. Madie did the little dramatic "OH NO" panic look around, and then put her little arm on the table and started sobbing. Getting back to the grind of things has actually gone quite well, though. I am now in the middle of my second week "on," after having the entire last week off. Working 7on/7off is really quite nice, because every other week I literally get a week of vacation time!

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Jensens said...

Glad you had a good time!