“He sure is a mover!”

Yesterday our little guy turned 28 weeks old in my tummy, and to celebrate I went to the doctor to make sure all is well in belly. This was my first appointment with this doctor because we had to switch due to insurance, and at 28 weeks along it is a little stressful to up and change doctors, but I really liked our new doctor. The practice is located in St. Mark's Hospital, which is where our little guy will be born just like his big sister, and everyone is really nice there. When they went to listen to the heartbeat he started doing his afternoon stretches and would NOT stop. My belly looked like alien was trying to claw its way out, all the while the doctor was having to "chase" the heartbeat because he was moving so much. I keep going back and forth as to which is more of a mover, Madie or this little guy, but I have come to the conclusion that we just have very active babies, and they grow up to be very active toddlers. We love Madie's constant go-go-go spirit, though, so if this guy is like his sister it will keep us on our toes, but it will be twice the fun!

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