Today my little boy is 11/12 a one year old, or 91.67%, or eleven months old. To celebrate I decided to put away all his baby clothes (actually I did this without even knowing the date- I never remember the date while I'm off work) since he is now outgrowing 12-18 month clothes. Where the heck has time gone, and while you are looking for it, can you also look for my little Cash baby!This little boy eats ANYTHING (even apples and bananas, now) and seems like he is ALWAYS smiling!
(and no, he isn't an oompa loompa, he just has carrots all over his face)

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Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

I love that smile! K.C. he does eat. He and Cody stopped at McDonald's with the kids, and KC tells me that Cash out ate himself, Madison & Easton. Just watch out for that boy!