Sunny Burns'

How do you NOT love a day like what we had today. Madie and I went to pick up an early birthday present for Cash that Grandma got him, and while we were in the car the thermometer said 80-something. Cash was so excited he couldn't even wait for me to finish putting it together and fill it up with water!This boy was multi-tasking! He was making sure he got his 8 boat cups of water a day all while playing in the sunshine!
Well, since tomorrow the forecast is rainy and 60-something, I guess we will spend the day inside watching the water table fill up with rain water, waiting for another day like today!
Thanks Grandma! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks and enjoy your warm Texas weather.

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Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

You were right Meg, I love the pool table with the kids. What cute pictures!