Busy with bad luck!

We haven't had much time to blog because we've been busy bees lately. We had a great trip to Texas and we even got to bring Grandma back to Utah with us for a while. We also got to celebrate Cash's Birthday- I no longer have a baby, I have a running 1 year old! Now we are celebrating that hopefully all the bad luck is behind us, and a fun summer will be all that is ahead of us for the next few months! Bye bye doctors and deer, HELLO warm weather and water!
Just to recap all the adventures we've had in the last 2 weeks:
6.6.10- Cash had a 103 degree fever all day. Sunday evening we took him to the urgent care in Texas and he had his first ear infection- first one either of the kiddos have ever had.
6.10.10- Madie has a 103 fever and throws up before bed time, so we giver her Tylenol and it goes away in the middle of the night.
6.11.10- Madie's fever is back, but now is 104 degrees- we go back to the same urgent care and find out Madie has viral tonsillitis.
6.13.10- Driving home from Texas I hit a stupid deer just as we cross the Utah-Colorado state line.
6.17.10- I cut my finger open trying to make guacamole, and get 8 stitches in it.
We've also had a great time during this bad luck, though, so there is nothing to complain about. The kids are now healthy, my car is being taken care of by a great body shop, my finger is healing well, and I'm sure there were some animals that loved the deer dinner.

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Niki and Jess said...

Your trip may have topped my fabulous trip to FL in May...I know all too well one sick kid is NO FUN...well, does a sick husband count too?
Day 1 in FL- Abby wakes up puking at 1 am.
Day 2- Abby still sick
Day 3- We were there for a wedding. I was in the wedding party. Jess was holding Abby during the beach ceremony. Right after the ceremony he hands me Abby and is puking on the beach. Abby starts puking again that night.
Day 4- Abby puking. I start getting sick (def. not as bad though!)
Day 5- Abby pukes on the rental car bus. Our flight gets cxld and we have another overnight stay in FL.
Day 6- Abby pukes on Jess on the plane ride home.