Things Madie and I can't wait for:

Showing Cash just how great Texas is
Showing Grandma how good Cash is walking
Shopping at Southlake with Grandma
Playing in the courtyard at Central Market
Gameroom play time with Mannie at Grandma's house
Warm weather (even if it may reach into the 100's)
Playing in the water first thing in the morning
Texas BBQ
Blue Bell Ice Cream
Not having to work for 11 days
Bringing Grandma home with us for a week to Utah
And so much more--- I better get back to packing so we'll be ready to go!


Jenny said...

Have fun in Texas!!! I wish I was gonna be there. :( We're actually going to be in Utah next weekend for a wedding...but I'd much rather be in Texas!!! Tell your mom hi for me!

Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

I didn't know your mom was coming back with you to stay for a week. That is cool! Hope we get a chance to say hello. Enjoy yourselves!