Easter weekend was busy for our family. Miss Madison celebrated her 6th Birthday, which she got a new bike for. Then Easter was the next day, but we were already gifted out from Madie's party, so the Easter Bunny almost dropped the ball, but fortunately Cody came to the rescue and helped a bunny out. Cody stopped by a couple of stores and picked up a Calico Critters camping set for Madie, and a bowling set Cash had on his "wish list" from Wal-Mart, along with some jelly beans and eggs stuffed with nasty chalky candy. This morning the kiddos couldn't wait to go into the living room and see what the Easter Bunny brought. Madie later told Grandma Burns "the Easter Bunny brought me SOOO much stuff," and Cash informed Uncle K.C. "He hid it all. I had to go find it" when K.C. asked if the Easter Bunny brought him any candy. And it was so wonderful to get to hear Cody explain why the Easter Bunny brings us treats when Madie asked. He explained that they are gifts just like Jesus gave us many gifts, and it reminds us of them.

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